• Andrea Prola

European VC Report 2020 - CrunchBase

According to Crunchbase, funding to European startups last year totaled $40 billion, down a mere 4 percent from 2019 at $41.8 billion. This marks the second-highest funding amount by year into European startups over the past decade.

Only UK accounted for $15 billion - slightly less than 40% of the total funding - with London that lonely concluded 2020 with around $10.4 billion. That city did almost as France and Germany combined!

However, Europe seems destined to forever be locked into the low teens as a percentage of the global VC pie, especially with Brexit as only the United Kingdom accounted for 37% of European funding in 2020!

Source: https://news.crunchbase.com/news/european-vc-report-2020-strong-fourth-quarter-closes-out-2020/